The Canadian Drone Nationals – The Fat Shark Frenzy

A great weekend in Collingwood for the Canadian Drone Nationals. You may also have heard it called the Fat Shark Frenzy . This was an all around great weekend with a great opportunity to get out and fly. Some great racing and it was great to see the amount of sponsor support. Check out this Special Edition, hope you enjoy!!

Episode – 6

As the song goes…”It’s been a while”…I am proud to offer you Episode 6!

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff in the media about quad’s that truly makes me shake my head! There is so much good that can be done but so much negative that ends up in the media from people aiming for the lowest common denominator.

I also had a chance to chat with Dave French who is hosting an event in Collingwood, Ontario on August 21-23 called Fat Shark Frenzy! give a listen, check it out!!